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ALLTHESEGAMES was created as a place to house the ever-growing collection of flash games around the internet. We thought it might be a good idea to create a site of this nature, all your favourite games in one hug archive! No adverts, no hidden agenda, just a big 'ass list of web games. is run by several administrators from around the globe, on a custom built php interface, in which the whole site can be modified at the click of a button. But, why do we spend hundreds of hours just adding free games for the public to play? Why not - Hundreds of people spend their friday nights making flash games, and we should repay them by telling the world!

All These Games

Andy - Founder / Owner
Andy Kerr - Founder / Owner
Graphics designer based in Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK.
07/07 -

Andy - Founder / Owner
Sean Chapman - Games Adder
Student from Yorkshire, England
18/10 -

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