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Take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions

Are all these games really free?
Yes!! You can play the games as much as you like, and this site will ALWAYS remain free!

How do you pay for the website's expenses?
The website expenses are mainly made from adverts displayed on the site. If the advertising brings in more money than allthesegames needs, it is played into its own little 'piggy bank' and is used for when the site drops in savings.

What can I do to help?
You can certainly help!! By using the tell a friend forms and link us!

Why isn't such and such game on yet?
Because, there are thousands of games across the internet. Changes are we haven't seen the game, or haven't got around to adding it. But, feel free to use the request form to ask if the game can be put on

I am on 56k and these games are taking forever to load!
There is nothing we can do about this. The good thing is, if you a regular at this site - the games will be saved on your cache, this means you don't have to re-download the games every time you visit the site!

Can we exchange links?
Is your site games related or has content that may interest our visitors? If so, use the contact form to email us and we will almost certainly say yes!

My game is hosted here, and i didn't give you permission!
If one of the games on here does belong to you, and you have evidence, please drop us an email and the game will be removed as soon as possible!

These games are cool, can i put them on my site?
This isn't our choice, you must contact the games owner if you would like to put the games on your site.

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